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Welcome To Kalika Manavgyan Secondary School

Kalika Secondary School is located in Butwal Sub-metropolitan, Rupandehi, Lumbini Zone which was established in 2018 B.S (1961 A.D) with the help of local residents. Most of them were ex-armies. They realized the need of educating their children and as a result this school was set up in an open ground in southern part of Kalikanagar. After some months the school was transferred to cow shade and then to the present place. It was established as a primary school. In 2029 B.S. it was upgraded to lower secondary level school and in 2032 B.S. to secondary level school.

This school has been able to be a leading community school in Rupandehi dristrict. This school has been playing a great role in the development of quality of education. It has been able to be an "A Grade Sc Read More

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